Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hiking the 4,000 Footers: Mount Hale 10.27.2012

Via Hale Brook Trail

Number 36 on the list!


(picture is on Jefferson not Hale; read below to find out why)

Hale is a mountain that shouldn't be hiked all by itself. It's really part of a large family of mountains that should be hiked all together in one big swoop. Separating it and hiking it out and back in one day like we did is like divorcing Hale from its family (think backpacking--- Hale, Bonds, Zeacliff).

A 4.4 mile round trip Hale is extremely short for all the driving it requires. I think we drove two hours for this two hour little hike. The trail was crowded with families day tripping and leaf peeping. We forgot our camera- which was very devastating at the time. So I have zero pictures of Hale right now (thus the random picture hiking up Jefferson above- but really who doesn't like looking at THAT view). Turns out we weren't missing much for pictures because there is really no view at the top of the peak.

Hale was a mountain we decided to climb after several false starts and failures which I wrote about in this post.

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