Monday, December 10, 2012



I hope the weekend found you all some adventure! We've been hunkered down with the cold that has been making the rounds, but finally starting to feel better!

The holidays are fast approaching and we are already planning our new year. We still have 11 more peaks from our List to finish. We have our heart set on the Winter List, which is essentially all of White Mountain 4,000 Footers in the winter. 

The winter list is much more difficult and contains far fewer "members." All of the peaks are more challenging because they are covered in snow and may or may not have been packed down and you have winter weather to deal with. My favorite winter challenge is that many of the roads that lead to the trails are closed for the winter, which adds sometimes five additional miles to a ten mile hike. 

Our plans this next year will also include a few traverses that we have dreamed about and up over the years. We grow a garden every year and every year learn something new about how to improve it. And I've also added log rolling to my list of must do's. What about you? What new schemes are you dreaming up this year? Do share...

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