Friday, December 21, 2012

The Winter Solstice List

We've been pumped for winter since it means the start of a new list. While we still have 11 more peaks for our 4,000 footers list, we're starting the Winter 48. Essentially we'll be completing all the White Mountains 4,000 Footers during winter.

Winter really changes everything for hiking the 4,000 footers. Streams and rivers that are typically crossed with shoes off and pants rolled up become a major make or break moment. The worst weather in the world brings it in the winter. The winds are regularly strong and now become a windchill factor. Roads are closed for the winter sometimes adding five to six extra miles to an already long hike.

So tonight we celebrate with whiskey and jalepeno poppers as we tackle a new challenge. Here's a list of other smart winter adventures that may peek your fancy...

  • Build an igloo
  • Dig a snowcave
  • Ice skate on a lake
  • Climb up a mountain just to sled down it
  • Throw snowballs for your dog
  • Scoop up your own all natural snow cone (food coloring too!)
  • Winter Camping
  • Winter Peakbagging
  • Breaking the trail with your snowshoes
  • Make your own snowflakes (below)
  • Night Hiking

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