Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For the Love of Fire

If you’ve been to my pinterest boards lately you’ve probably noticed how obsessed I am with fire and wood. There is something so wonderfully rustic and honest about fires. Have you ever been on a long camping trip and come back to your site to build a fire? It warms more than just your body that’s for sure. Sitting by a fire does something good for your spirit. It builds you back up.

I had been planning on spending the month of February writing some bits and pieces about fire, stacking wood, and starting a fire, but I think I will start early.

My upcoming posts will include a little of the following:

  • How to make a woodpile
  • What’s there to a woodpile anyway?
  • The Art of the Holz Haussen woodpile
  • How to start a fire
  • Starting a fire in harsh conditions- windy and wet

This week will bring record cold up here in the Northeast and thinking about fire will help keep me warm….

Tent by Campfire


MB said...

Have u seen this http://ow.ly/h2yVT on how 2 start fire with water.

MB said...

Have u seen this on how to start fire with water? http://ow.ly/h2yVT

Betty Mountain Girl said...

It sounds awesome and scary!