Saturday, January 5, 2013

Product Feature: Bani Bands

Winter Hiking

I was recently sent a few Bani Bands (see cute red polka-dot) to try out first hand. One thing I have a lot of is hair- thick, sort of mind-of-its-own short hair. Since it's a little too short to put up in a full pony tail I end up going half pony tail or pigtails a lot. Then I get all those wispy things in front of my eyes. No biggie unless I'm on top of a mountain with high wind speeds or riding my bike down a long technical downhill.

These bands were super cute and functional. They have a soft inside velvety layer that prevents them from slipping all around and absorbs and wicks some of the sweat. The band has a fully adjustable clip that allows it to be whatever size your little noggin is. Helpful for me since my hair sometimes makes headbands and even hats too tight.

Overall I found them to be a nice band for girls on the run (or the hike or the bike!) since they fit comfortably under anything (helmet, hat) easily. I just discovered they have sequin ones on their site here! I think I'll have to sequin up my next hike. It never hurts to be a little girly when ripping it up on the trails. Here are some ways to get your own Bani Bands:

Bani Bands website

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