Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Dream Cabin

My dream cabin will be the perfect combination of a cabin and a house- preferably with a view.

Several acres of land. With chickens. And Gardens. Solar Energy. Honeybees. Maple trees for sugaring. A loft. Sliding barn doors. Rope swing. A pig. Squash patch. Wrap around porch. Fireplace. Stonewall. Picnic Table. Garden full of Hens and Chickens. Tree house. Tiny house nearby for company. Wood stove. One of these:

Nearby Trails. A barn. Nut bearing trees. Wild asparagus. Room for too many bikes. Space for a camper. Lots of sunlight. Nearby stream. Smokehouse. Greenhouse. Cold hoops. Firepit. One of these:

Screened in porch. Solar powered mason jars. Passive heating. Self sustaining. Compost. Wind energy. Outdoor kitchen. Bathtub under the trees. One of these:

What does your dream cabin have?


Kate said...

Well I'm pretty positive you've described my dream home to a T. I love the outdoor shower/bath space! The only addition my dream cabin has is a lot of dogs and some dog houses... gotta make room for all our puppies!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Definitely need lots of space for dogs there!!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

I feel like I could add to this list forever!! :) I hopelessly addicted to pinterest where I find endless cabins and open spaces to add to my "dreamscape"