Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Causing of it All

Mountain Girls love to be outside. The wind whistling through our hair, the sound of our feet rustling through leaves and the sight of spring’s first buds make a mountain girl’s heart flutter like non other. But sometimes even a mountain girl’s ambition waivers. When it gets dark out before leaving work, when it is so cold the snot freezes in my nose and I wonder if contact lenses can freeze to a person’s eyeball, I’ll admit the idea of running through the woods alone sends panic rippling through me. That is when I look at the little dog standing by the door, restless, relentless, fearless saying “your gonna let that stop us from checking out the cool stuff out there?”


That is when I realize that being a Mountain Girl isn’t something I do entirely for myself.

I do it for my dog too.




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