Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Girls Love Dirt

Dirt crystallizes into many different forms depending on where you are and what you are up to. For instance the most common formation dirt takes in the Northeast region of the US is mud. Mud cakes up in the derailleur, creates mini landslides on steep hiking trails, and covers one’s backside while biking. Once mud has covered a person’s legs and starts to dry it actually becomes a mini tattoo and will require lots of lather and scrubbing to remove.


In the drier regions of the country like the southwest dirt seems like fog in the air once kicked up. Spend much time around it though and it becomes another layer of skin only to be revealed by sweat creating small rivers through it.

As an outdoor lover, I’ve discovered that dirt is my friend and no honest romp outside is finished until I have some of it on me. In fact the cowgirl way is not to avoid the dirt, but rather swim through it. Just make sure you do it in style by maybe having pink toenails or wear a Terry bike skort. Now get out and get some dirt on ya!


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