Thursday, January 10, 2008

Attention Mountain Girls...

...You should read this blog if...

  • Don’t mind being covered in mud after a bike ride so long as you are looking good in a bike skort.

  • Run a mean sub- 25 minute 5k-- in pigtails.

  • Don’t mind dollar sized blisters, hang-nails, and grimy, stinky feet so long as your toe-nails are painted red.

  • Find that when your mind starts to wander during an endless meeting you are counting the peaks you’ve summited, the number of times you’ve had frostbite, or the rock garden you are overcoming on your next bike ride.


  • Find you gravitate towards pink bikes, pink helmets, pink backpacks, and pink socks.

  • While other girls have purse and shoe fetishes you have a waterproof jacket and backpack fetish.

  • You are a better cook on a propane/isobutane camp stove than on a state- of- the- art four burner chrome range.

Mountain Guys--stayed tuned. You should read this blog if you have or want a Mountain Girl that will kick your butt and look good doing it.

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