Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get Inspired

Things to read, sites to visit, for when you can’t quite remember what the sun feels like on your skin.

Rocky mt

This great photo is from the 2007 Rocky Mountain Bicycle catalog. Their bicycles are fierce and handcrafted in Canada. I would love to have one of their meaty mountain bikes, but for this next season I will be sticking with my Jamis. Inspiration barrels through me every time I look at this photo.

Title Nine carries all the best brands in for active outdoor ladies. Even if you aren’t in the market for some new kicks right now, get on their mailing list. Their catalogs are so inspiring. They’re filled with real women athlete profiles actually getting out their with Title Nine products.

Horny Toad is my favorite clothing brand. Their style is fun and stylish with an active cut and fit. I have only 9 pairs of their yolo cargo shorts, four of their skirts, and five of the their pants for work. Their catalog is excellent too. Last year they highlighted new sports like hedge jumping. Can’t wait to see what they wrangle up for this season.

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