Friday, January 25, 2008

Outside Etiquette

Not the seasoned Mountain Girl quite yet? Well have no fear, you are at the right place. Us Mountain Girls aren’t just a bunch of hairy smelly hics. No sir. We’ve got class. Here are a few outdoor etiquette tips. Feel free to add your own. We’ll post more as they come along.

  • If you are the first up at camp boil enough water for everyone.

  • Spray your toothpaste water rather than spitting it. Do this by pressing your lips hard together, and blowing air out at the same time. Sound effects often help—sort of humming seems to work too.

  • Share your gu. Then make sure the wrapper is safely tucked away.

  • Never let your dog pee on someone tent- no matter how loud they were the night before.

  • When passing the guys mountain biking yell out “on your right” or which ever side you are passing on. Try to avoid passing them on bridges or over rock gardens as they have a hard time watching us and watching the trail too.

  • Try not to look directly at people with your headlamp on.

1 comment:

Alison said...

That is such a huge pet peeve of mine when someone keeps looking straight at you when they have their head lamp on!! :) Or worse...when they keep their head lamp on when they are sitting and staring at a campfire....what the...?!!