Friday, June 26, 2009

Prepping for The Ride

Just a week ago I was writing about my Pending Bike Doom thinking my trip was going to be mainly about the pain. Having put in a few long rides in since then, I am feeling better about actually having fun while riding.

Finally got my panniers and rack set up. Liken' it.

Prepping for Bike Trip

Prepping for Bike Trip

Also, I've been thinking about what I should cook for six people on a camp stove. I normally cook for only two people while camping so this is a new adventure for me. I need something super easy, minimal pots (can you say like one or two?), and light weight to carry. To tell you the truth, I sort of wish it wasn't one person cooking per night sort of deal, but I guess roll with the punches right?

I was thinking burritos before and think this recipe might rock. I like the smoky tomato deal. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions!

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Liss said...

we are thinking along the same lines. I was thinking chilli con carne.

You Bike setup looks good.