Monday, July 6, 2009

Blueberries and Fourth of July

Fourth of July is just about one of my most favorite holiday weekends. You've got my birthday and barbecues all rolled into one. We went on a easy 5 mile hike on part of the Wapack Trail, a twenty-one mile trail that meanders through Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. As mentioned in my previous post we decorated our backpacks. (really I decorated everyone's backpacks when they weren't looking. Even some unsuspecting backpackers)

Summer Hiking

Luckily I've heard that blueberries thrive on wet weather and peak was littered with them.

Blueberries and Boots

I'm always worried that my boyfriend's old injuries will flare up after hiking, but it turns out that this time my old injuries dropped by. I injured my knee a good 11 or 12 years ago mountain biking. Since then I can usually keep the pain at bay by carefully training and being sure to lift weights. Unfortunately, I wasn't so careful this time and my knee is really hurting me. I'm now planning to take this week off of biking and hiking altogether since next week is my big bicycle touring trip.

I'm actually petrified that I may not be able to go. I need my knee to feel better asap!

Hiking Boots

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