Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Four: Bicycle Touring Maine

Camden, Maine - East Orland, Maine

Mileage Total for the Day: 52 miles
Total Trip Mileage: 173 miles

We managed to get out of our campsite in Camden around 10 a.m. Pretty late start, but the campground was nice and their showers were free- so what the heck.

While the hills are still rolling and not terribly steep, they're becoming longer so that when you crest one hill to face the next- it looks like a monster. We took a side road called Shore Dr. and while it added mileage, but the cottages were gorgeous.

Great Maine Cottage

Little Library Break

Little Library Break

Little Library Break

One thing that really shocks me about bicycle touring is how nice people can be when they realize you are living out of your backpack. When I ride my road bike around the area I currently live, I never make it back home without one heckle from a passing car. On this trip, everyone is eager to hear about where we are going and how far we have been. I'll admit though, we are kind of a scene when the six of us ladies pedal into town.

(it's hard to find photos of me since I tend to be the photographer!)

Bike Touring

On our way after lunch, my pee buddy and I needed to stop for a break. We ran over to this field and immediately flushed out 20-30 turkeys and their babies. Luckily we hadn't started to pee yet.

We crossed several large bridges, one for pedestrians and one that was more tricky.

Ortlieb Panniers On the Road

Our campground is gorgeous despite the live-in campers. As I fell asleep the loons were calling to each other. I got up to pee at night and rather than hearing the rustling of others campers- I just heard the loons. Now this is Maine.

Loon Camp

Maine Lake

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