Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day Three: Bicycle Touring Maine

Damariscotta, Maine - Camden, Maine
Mileage Total for the Day: 51 miles
Total Trip Mileage: 121 miles

The morning packing dance took a particular long time at our campside on Lake Pemaquid. I was happy, though, to take my time walking around the city of a campground and take in the lake views.

Pemaquid Lake Maine

Pemaquid Lake Maine

Pemaquid Lake Maine

Pemaquid Lake Maine

A persistent knee injury from over 12 years ago, had begun to rear its ugly head again. Last night, it stiffened right up and I mainly limped around the campsite. After taking several rounds of vitamin I (ibuprofen) my knee was feeling better.

We started off late, around nine a.m. Many more rolling hills, with some of them becoming longer and steeper we were making pretty slow time near lunch, having only pedalled 15 miles.

After fixing a few chains that kept popping off, we pulled into the town of Waldoboro for a pee break. It took us over three stops into stores along the main street to find one that had a bathroom they would let us use. Very unfriendly town too. Each store was pretty rude. Finally after going in and out of the main drag in search of a bathroom, the tiny general store, run by a laid back hippie let us use the bathroom. I was so happy to pee that I didn't even notice until it was too late- no toilet paper.

Bath Cyle Shop

Just seven more miles down the road we stopped off to have lunch at a little farm. One of the girls ran into the nearby house to ask if we could eat lunch on their picnic table. Turns out that the farm was actually a preserve of endangered farm animals. I love how that by biking you find places that you never would in a car.

After reapplying our sunblock and getting hit with another torrential downpour, we realized that by applying sunblock at lunch we were instigated the bad weather. Tomorrow, we decided, we would not reapply sunblock at lunch and maybe we wouldn't get our consistent two and four p.m. showers.

We pulled into Camden State Park, where most of the team hiked up to the ledges after dinner. My knee was still killing me, so I held down the camp and went for a sundae. Life was good.

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