Monday, July 20, 2009

Day One: Bicycle Touring Maine

Portland, ME- Thomas Island, ME
Mileage total for day: 25

On our first day our mileage was pretty meek looking, but really, coordinating the meet up of six women from three different states first thing in the morning is challenging. After meeting in a parking lot in Portland, we strapped, packed, restrapped our gear onto our bikes. Finally we were packed up and rode the ferry from Portland Maine to Thomas Point Island Maine.

Bungeed Bikes

Hope We Won't Need These

We had trouble squeezing our bikes through the narrow walkways to board the ship. The ferry took three hours to our destination at which time we needed to do the bicycle touring dance once again and finagle our bikes off the ships narrow walkways, down a pier, and up another narrow ramp. As you can see, we did have some assistance.

We ate our peanut butter and jelly bagels after we managed to get our bikes off the ship. After strapping, packing, restrapping our gear again we embarked up our first steep hill on our loaded bikes. A quick 14 miles later we were at our campsite and pitching our tents beneath the patchy shade.

Loaded Bike off the Ferry

Having arrived so early at our campsite we decided to try to make it into Brunswick to visit the Sea Dog Brewery. We still had a week's worth of food in our packs. What the heck right?

Campsite at Thomas Island

At Our First Campsite

This was definitely our easy day.

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mtblawgirl said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I love Maine especially Sea Dog blueberry ale ;)