Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I Packed vs What I Should Have Packed

My Loaded Bike on Day Two

You know how before you head out on a big trip you spend a lot of time packing and considering what is worth while enough to carry? I spent a lot of timing thinking about how to pack for a bicycle touring trip up the coast of Maine and have compiled two lists- what I brought and what I should have brought.

What I brought (as complete as I can recall)

Two rear panniers and front camera bag for my Canon Digital Rebel Xti

sleeping bag and pad
2 bike skorts and 1 bike short
2 bike shirts and 2 bike tanks
1 tank for sleeping and relaxing
1 regular pair of shorts
1 3/4 length pants
fleece jacket
waterproof jacket and pants

cup, bowl, spork, knife
oatmeal and morning mix (brown sugar, almonds, and craisins in zip bag)
bagels and PB
small pack towel
winter hat
plastic bags and ziplock bags
x tra batteries
wetwipes and wipes with witchhazel

What I should have brought:

my own tent (two side doors and two vestibules are seriously better than one door at the head of the tent, plus I snore)
my little Jetboil stove (I got up early everyday and either waited to make my coffee and oatmeal or wasted lots of gas heating my own water in a huge pot)
more campsuds
more quarters
dried fruits

Not too shabby of a packing job I will say! Maybe too much of this and that, but overall I found it pretty easy to pack up each morning and wasn't seriously lacking anything.

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