Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've Made Friends with My Mountain Bike Again

Quick note to let you all know I've made friends with my mountain bike again. You may have been suspecting after this post that I had given up my wicked wild ways. Last night two friends joined me on some old favorite trails of mine- the twisty, tight and technical kind. Trails that I've always known like the back of my hand.

I've decided that my mountain bike can move back into my room and, in fact, it can rest in front of my road bike. Here's why we're back together:
  • The trails I've been riding lately are really hard and I don't know them that well. It's not my bike's fault.
  • Riding trails you know really well means you get to go fast and feel great as you whip over the rocky sections.
  • When my bike and I are together, as a team, we get to beat the boys on the trail.

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jumbly said...

I've fallen a bit out of love with my mountain bike after a horrible ride, it is currently resting behind the road bike! You're right with your approach. I need to take it out on local trails I know really well and remind myself how much fun it is.