Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LL Bean's Calypso Women’s Kayak Product Review - Initial Thoughts

Having spent years using gear designed for men, I wasn’t sure if a women’s specific kayak would be worth it. I picked up a LL Bean Women’s Calypso Kayak at a local store to see if a kayak made for women really makes that much of a difference.

Initial Thoughts on the Women's Calypso Kayak

My first thoughts about finding a kayak were: would it be light enough that I could carry it on my own and would the prize be reasonable? At 12 feet in length and 38 lbs. the women's Calypso appeared to be something I could put on my car myself and carry to the put out points if necessary. I mainly just wanted to get out on the water- slow flowing local rivers or lakes.

Knowing what it was like to paddle a wide kayak that is just too bulky for most light weight females, I thought it would be great to be actually designed for women. Would I actually be able to feel the differences while paddling the Calypso? Details to come.

Details from LL Bean about the 12 foot Women’s Calypso Kayak

Lightweight touring kayak- easy for women to paddle and carry
Lower deck height to aid in paddling control for lighter weight paddlers
Slide lock foot braces allow you to adjust your position while riding
Comfortable adjustable seat

Women's Calypso Kayak, LL Bean


12' x 24½". Cockpit 35½"L x 18½"W. Wt. 38 lb. Capacity 225 lb. USA.

About LL Bean

I’m sure this part goes without saying, but LL Bean has an exceptional return policy 100% satisfaction at any time. Just hold onto your receipt for best use of this policy.

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