Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is a Panda?

If you like to fumble around flickr’s bike groups sooner or later you’ll come across something called a Panda. It’s a lot of things, but a real Panda it is not. It’s an art form, way of taking pics, and a way of showing off your bike love.

Here are some of my first Pandas:

Riding with Star Spangled

Riding with Star Spangled

It involves these basics:
  • Ride your bike- doesn’t matter what kind
  • Take a picture while riding your bike

Here are some of my favorite recent Pandas:

Favorite Pandas

(Click on photo to visit each photographers photostream)

The Panda Flickr group is one of my favorites to flip through. The name Panda came from a cyclist/designer/ photographer named faster panda kill kill. I love the banter about what constitutes a Panda. As for actually shooting Pandas? Watch out they're very addictive.

1 comment:

Shorty said...

What a cool idea! I'll have to make sure I don't drop my camera while riding. I'm kinda clutzy that way!