Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camp Cooking and Writing with a Headlamp

We're back for bit- off and on again this week. This weekend I tried some camp recipes and discovered some great easy recipes, as well as some killer messy recipes. What can I say- I'm your Guinea Pig. I seriously burned some cobbler into my Jetboil too. So I'll be trying to rescue that pan today. In the mean time, some camping artwork. I'll have a fun how-to tutorial on this soon.



(You know you should)


scrapworking said...

So cool to check in on you - zero quilting, lots of biking/camping/outdoor product reviews! Looks like you're having a better summer, now that the rain has stopped. Hope the heat isn't affecting you much. Can't wait to come back for more! Thanks for blogging about your adventures!

Red Bike said...

I'm eagerly looking forward to the first (or is that second?) installment of the the Betty camping cookbook!

The pizza was great!

bettymountaingirl said...

Thanks for stopping by Scrapworking! I've mainly been playing outside this summer :)

Red Bike- I guess this technically may be my second installment. I found some good ones and some bad ones (I seriously think I've completely burned my pan-ugg)