Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ruff Wear Dog Approach Pack II Product Review – On the Trail Report

We're back from our backpacking trip, where Misty sported for the very first time her own backpack- the Ruff Wear Approach Pack II. How did she manage carrying the Ruff Wear dog backpack and what are her thoughts on fit, size, and more? Results are in:

Ruff Wear Dog Approach Pack Fit

Initial try-on sessions went well and the pack seemed to fit Misty perfectly. Ruff Wear does a really nice job with extra reinforcement and padding in all the right places. Once packed up with her backpacking gear I found that the pack seemed to shift around a lot. This was mainly because it’s hard to evenly balance the weight on both sides of the pack. (It didn’t hurt that my friend S was sneaking weight into the dog’s pack!)

Misty Backpacking

Ruff Wear Dog Approach Pack Size

The Ruff Wear dog backpack was the perfect size for a several night trip. Misty was able to carry her own items and few add-ons from my friends.

Misty thinking how much she likes having giardia

Things I Never Thought About

This isn’t necessarily part of the product review, but wearing a backpack completely changed my dog’s hiking style. It seems that with the extra work of carrying something, and noticing that we were all carrying things, made Misty stay very close by. Normally she runs around, sprints through the woods, and eagerly greets fellow hikers. With her backpack on she stayed right next to us and at times didn’t even go say hi to other hikers.

It may have been that the extra weight that tuckered her out, but I think the Ruff Wear Approach Pack may have some sort of dog whispering device on it. It’s amazing, and I am sure that it can’t be guaranteed with every pack.

What Misty Thinks

Ruff, ruff, sniff, ruff

Ruffwear Dog Backpack/ Approach Pack

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