Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Everyday Adventure and Stay-cations

Betty Jumping

We've been having a stay-cation. Yeah. I am so sick of that word too. Really our stay-cation has pretty nice. Yesterday, I snuck out early for a road bike ride. It seems summer has finally decided to show up. Forgive me for constantly complaining about the weather, but that is what we do in New England.

For the most part our summer in New Hampshire has been super, super wet- raining for days and days and days. Now, it's very buggy from all the rain. And our "normal" summer weather of 95 degree days with high humidity is back.

So it has been early morning bike rides, all day swimming, and late afternoon hiking. We went up a nearby, very popular peak around 6 p.m. last night. It was great to find that all the tourists decided not to bear the heat and we essentially had the place to ourselves.

A short list of things I am excited about:

  • I'm getting a complete blog redesign by some talented peeps.
  • Hiking with Adam
  • Eating ice cream for breakfast
  • Pink pens

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