Thursday, August 6, 2009

Terry Damselfly Bike Seat - On the Trail Review

Why I chose the Terry Damselfly Saddle

You may remember in my initial post about the Damselfly, that I was looking for a better performance type of a saddle. I had switched mountain bikes last year and still hadn’t perfected the fit. My old favorite Terry seat was too wide in the back and it was interfering with my abilities to quickly get on and off the bike.

I was excited about the Damselfly since it was quite a bit slimmer than my former Terry saddle (former was 9.5 long x 6” wide and the Damselfly is 10.5/5.1 inches). It seemed like it would work better, since the widest part, in the back of the saddle was significantly smaller.

My first few rides on the Terry Damselfly Seat

I’m sort of torn right now having spent a few miles on the Terry Damselfly Saddle. Performance wise, the Damselfly is holding up to my expectations. It’s small, I can easily hop on and off, and I can get really far back on steep downhills. So performance wise the Damselfly is pretty sweet.

Comfort-wise, um... ouch. It’s hard as a rock right now. Since I’ve definitely heard that these seats need to ridden a few dozen times, to sort of break up the seat, I guess I need to ride it more. Luckily, I’m in the perfect spot for mountain bike, mountain bike, mountain bike right now. More updates to come.

Specs on the Terry Damselfly Seat from Terry’s Website

Length/Width 10.5/5.1 inches
Weight 230g/8.1oz
Rails Vanox
Cover/Features Leather with damselfly imprint
Best for: racers & sprinters who like the feel of the road


Terry Damselfly Bike Saddle

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Jennifer Cochran said...

OH I love my Terry! I have the one with the flames, an older model, but I had to have it since my MTB is named Fireball ;-). I'm also dying to buy the Rosie O for my single speed Redline.