Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daily Mile

Even though I've seen similar online workout trackers online- none of them have really bitten me the way the Daily Mile has. Thanks to Bike Carson - who also nicely included me in his most recent Friday Link Love post (thanks!) I've started a Daily Mile for me and Misty.

I know, sort of cheesy to have one for my dog, but it really makes Adam crack up laughing when I post to it. I mean really laugh. Really. Hard. There really must be something wrong with that guy. It's actually inspired him to take the dog on a walk without me- so this Daily Mile thing must have sort of Kharma thingy jingy.

You'll even be able to note my not so thrilling mileage, which honestly this time of year, I am just psyched to be out riding still. Typically once fall rolls around I just get way too busy with boring old regular life to keep up with my real interests.


Doug said...

I dunno, the daily mile might just be a bit too loud for me. I hide my ride log off in a side-bar. By using google docs I insure that it is boring enough to scare away most potential hecklers. Also, since it doesn't automatically tally my miles I can pretend to not know how few miles I have been getting in lately.

jumbly said...

I think it's ace that Misty has her own page, Flipper wants one now, but I think I'll to say no, her computer skillz are clearly nowhere near as good Misty, who I see has typed up a nice entry. I think Flipper would just mange some random stamping on the keys and maybe a chew at the monitor in case it was edible. Keep up the miles you two.

kate said...

i hope you're keeping an eye on misty's heart rate, particularly on the hill reps ;)

bettymountaingirl said...

Doug- I feel you on that. Particularly because my last ride was like, 2 miles. I was completely pumped about it at first, but I think it may be too hard to keep updated. I've already completely fallen off the bandwagon.

Jumbly- I know! Doesn't Misty have some mad typing skills. You know when I was growing up I was told I would always have a job if I knew how to type. Someone most have told Misty the same thing :)

Kate- Mainly Misty has been looking at my heart rate and laughing at me saying I thought you were like in shape? Ah well :0