Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Shave Your Legs Outside

I'm not a very high maintenance girl. In fact, I really pride myself in being low maintenance and down to earth. But, on long cycling trips, backpacking, or regular old camping trips I eventually get down right embarrassed enough of the Sasquatch legs to bring along a razor.

Here is the skinny on staying smooth:

Ultra Light Method

I'm all about cutting weight where ever possible, but I now bring along the shaving supplies. It's just one of those sanity things for me now. Most people I run into decide to forgo the shaving while on trips. Since my trips aren't up Everest- I bring a razor.

Regular Old Razor

If you've ever been really out in the wilderness you may have tried this simple option. I find it annoying and cumbersome though. First off is the water- find a little bucket, plastic bag, or bottle to drag with you into the woods. Next off is the positioning. Leg on a stump? Okie dokie. What to do for shaving cream since I may be crazy enough to bring a razor, but I ain't carrying a can of cream- go with Mountain Suds. Not perfect, but they'll work.

The Modern Shaving Solution

I find the shaving option that works the best, hands down, is Shick Intuition. It's a little bulky and certainly adds some extra weight, but it's easy to use in a pinch- whether it be the woods, the campsite, or the type of shower where you are afraid to put anything down.

Basically it has the soap already on the razor, so you get to skip the extra step and weight.

My other solution is to make sure I am good and exhausted. If the day involves fourteen miles backpacking or maybe a 75 mile cycling day, I'm good no matter how my legs look.


Red Bike said...

Perhaps this post isn't woman specific?

I've been under a lot of peer pressure to get my legs shaved.

Haven't given in yet though.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

I go for the bic razor and just use water but to be honest if i'm only away for the weekend I only bother shaving my armpits and just leave my legs.

luckily im blonde so the hairs don't show too much and are quite slow growing. bonus!
hairy armpits are unforgivable though.

bettymountaingirl said...

Red Bike- I think you need to cave to the peer pressure. It just doesn't look like fun to have road burn without shaved legs ;)

Polarcherry- agreed on the aforementioned unforgiveable! :)

JacQ said...

I prefer using an Epilator. It is like waxing, and last much longer than shaving... my skin gets too itchy when the hair grows back when I use razor... but still good advise for girls who would like to look good in the wild~ Ride On!

JacQ (^_^)

shetha said...

a small bit o' lotion + water = great shaving surface. Any cheap lotion will do. The soap is too sticky for me.

bettymountaingirl said...

Thanks ladies- lots of great ideas here !