Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jamis Women’s Satellite Road Bike (Satellite Femme) Product Review- On the Road Report

As I mentioned in my initial Jamis Women’s Satellite Review, I went with Jamis because I’ve ridden their mountain bikes before and they make decent trail bikes. The real question was could I find speed and comfort from one road bike and would the Jamis Satellite be the one? Here are some more thoughts from recent road rides.

Jamis Women’s Satellite Road Bike

Jamis Women’s Satellite Road Bike Speed

Coming from primarily mountain biking, it’s no surprise that the Jamis Women’s Satellite feels pretty darned fast to me.

The Satellite comes in at under 22 pounds. Sure it isn’t carbon fiber light, but that’s because this bike is steel. Steel essentially absorbs more of the road so that your body doesn’t have to. My little aluminum Miyata road bike really made me realize how important comfort can be while riding. (More on comfort to come) I think if you aren’t planning on racing road, speed wise the Satellite works.

Jamis Women’s Satellite Road Bike Women’s Specific Details

Okay, I still have a lot to tell you about this bike. How it rides for touring (I took this on my 300 mile recent trip), comfort, and overall thoughts. But….I’m not really sure I am sold on how women’s specific this bike is.

The easiest, most basic way to weasel your way to a women road biker’s heart is to work on the handlebars. These handlebars are the same for men (Ritchey BioMax II Road 31.8mm) which sort of makes me think they didn’t really do research on women. Ideally you want a handlebar with smaller overall diameter for easier holding, a little bit narrower overall, and with drops that are adjusted with this all of this into account. The handlebars are fine though. Let me state that. But you know what? I’ve been riding bikes made specifically for men my whole life, so it is sort of hard to get picky now.

Also the brakes and the shifters are very far away and are impossible to reach while in the drops. This can likely be fixed if you go to the right shop and see if they can help it fit you better.

Jamis Women’s Satellite Road Bike

Please Read More

Don’t take my women’s specific vent to heart quite yet if you are thinking about this bike. I’m actually really liking it so far. It’s just that, well, you’ve heard me say it before. Many companies create a smaller version of their most popular men’s bikes and sell them as women’s specific, femme, what-have-you when really these bikes were never specifically designed for women in mind. This bike would be a perfect example of that.

I think this bike rates pretty high for speed and comfort even if it doesn’t have female specific geometry. I’ll be summing all this up with a list of pros and cons as well. Please check back in for the final review.

Jamis Women’s Satellite Road Bike

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Amber said...

Hi Betty,

I'm so glad I came across your gorgeous blog!

I'm very eager to read your final review of your Jamis Satellite.. What is your overall impression of the bike now? I also saw that post that your shifter broke and needed quality/durability an issue with the Satellite?

I am nearing the end of my bike search and am torn between the Aurora Elite and the Satellite. I like the lighter weight and price point of the Satellite, but appreciate the better components and sport touring quality of the Aurora Elite. I saw that you did an epic tour with your Satellite - that makes me that the Satellite may be enough for my needs!

What do you think?

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just purchased my 3rd bike and it is the Jamis Satellite WSD. I have a touring bike with straight handlebars that is a Specialized WSD and love it; I have a Diamondabck mountain bike that is a men's and I love it and now I just purchased the Jamis Satellite Sport WSD. I do believe that this bike is not just a watered down version of the men's but is geared to a woman's physical needs. I have previouly owned a Trek road bike and experienced a lot of neck, shoulder and back pain - it was a men's bike - so I feel I have a good comparison. This Jamis is awesome....I ride at least 100 miles a week on the road and am so happy with my purchase....I had my lbs install an additonal set of brake levers at the top of the handlebars - what a difference!!!