Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I recently read Outside Magazine’s article about the fittest real athletes and was completely inspired. I love that they sought out us everyday regular peeps. Regular folks carving out the time to become exceptional athletes and placing pretty darned well in their sports.

While reading, I started to notice a trend among each of these athletes. They all seem to recognize the obstacles in their lives and realize that they have plenty of excuses, but somehow they manage to squeeze out what they need.

Mountain Bike Panda

Now I am not about to race some fantastic endurance race. In fact, I may not be racing again this season due to pure monetary expense of it, but I felt like culling together a list of my excuses. If I lay them all out and take a good look- they look pretty darned ridiculous.

My excuses:

Long commute
Rigorous graduate program
Hard to bring two meals a day (what!?)
Need to do more homework
Need to be perfect
Too dark
Too windy or cold
Too far from safe roads to ride on (what!?)

So what are your excuses? Feel like sharing? I’m already working on ways to knock these excuses over.


Red Bike said...

Its too much like hard work and my beds nice and comfortable.

I don't like the rain.

I'm scared of the dark!

jumbly said...

Munchausen syndrome.

Munchausen by proxy where "illness" is projected onto my kit.

bettymountaingirl said...

Red Bike- Turns out I may need to lengthen my list, because not likin the rain is one for me too :)

Jumbly- Ha! unless my bike is in tip top shape I blame it all on my bike too.

Red Bike said...

Lol, I can think of plenty more; but they're just depressing.

My favourite bit of most rides is actually the end. Sat with a nice big mug of tea, plenty of biscuits and waiting for my toes to thaw out enough so that I can get my shoes off.

bettymountaingirl said...

The end of the ride is also the sweetest for me. Mainly because it turns my brain off and all I can do is just basic things. The less thinking the better!

kate said...

great post, really got me thinking about being honest with yourself-sorry, everyone else has been quite lighthearted. sometimes i'm just very lazy and that's it. can't even be bothered with an excuse ;)

jumbly said...

Kate - You're right about a little self honesty being a good thing. I think the being light-hearted is for me an attempt to cover up the fact that I am inherently lazy.

bettymountaingirl said...

I'll admit to being in the lazy boat sometimes too. While some of my friends are like- yeah let's go this way and we can hit the hill.

When I am by myself riding I'm like- hmmm if I go this way I can avoid that hill.

I'm much less lazy when hills and killer rides happen to me by accident.

shetha said...

Love this post. I've had a lot of excuses in my life. I've pretty much just decided to ignore them and move on. I'd try to convince others to do the same but then I'd just come across as "competitive" and obnoxious, I'm afraid. Good for you for making this step...

shetha said...

Oh and PS -- the end of my commute is a 9% grade uphill, usually decorated in horse dung, for some reason. Most gratifying to be DONE with that, I assure you... (it's downhill on the way home WHEEE)