Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reasons to Not Unzip Your Tent

Take it from me. If you have the following happen to you- DO NOT UNZIP YOUR TENT. Instead try to go back to sleep.

Hanging Food from Bears

It sounds like it is pouring outside, but you are not sure.

You hear rustling outside and realize that you've left your food bag out.

You can actually hear the swarm of mosquitoes outside the tent.

You hear lots of footsteps outside in an area known to have Sasquatch sightings.


Red Bike said...

I am rather glad i've only got to put up with foxes, deer and maybe the odd hedgehog.

I still jumped a mile when I woke up to find foxes eating my breakfast. All I could see was loads of eyes in the porch of my tent staring back at me.

bettymountaingirl said...

little buggers! Foxes are pretty busy sneaky guys. We have some fun animals, mainly I've only seen/heard of deer, bear, moose, and scavenger animals like fox, skunk, raccoon, etc.

That's why we have our food up in the pic. protect it from the bears.

Red Bike said...

lol, thankfully i'm never going to find a bear in the porch of my tent. If there were bears in the woods here then I wouldn't be!