Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jacket Love

You know how some girls like to buy purses or shoes? You know you've seen them on TV or maybe you live with someone with a 50 plus shoe collection. Well, I have a thing for jackets, specifically high functioning, technical outerwear with style. I'll culled some of my favorites here. See what you think!

I really like the Mountain Laurel Collection from LL Bean this year, in particular this jacket. What you can't really see from this photo is that there is an all over textured pattern on the jacket. I think the textured pattern, plus the trim are great little details that help make the jacket special. Price tag doesn't hurt either! ($79)

P.S. Love the soft shell pants in this collection too!

Nau is the best new outdoor clothing company that you probably haven't heard of. Their clothing is exceptionally stylish- I particularly love the asymmetrical look. The quality of their clothing is very high (I'm lucky enough to live nearby to a store with their items), but a bit fitted. It's all part of the look really. Just maybe not the best for actually hiking.

You should know that I really have a thing for Marmot. I am in love really. I have several of their rain shells and soft shells, each for over the past five years- and you can't even tell it! They wear exceptionally well and really look killer. I've picked this one as my next Marmot jacket.


Richard said...

I'm like that but with anything carbon or ti.

bettymountaingirl said...

A worthwhile obsession as well!