Thursday, October 22, 2009

Biking Resume

Bit of Betty Flying By

Road, Mountain, Cross, or Everything

Mainly mountain bike, but I just picked up road biking (more seriously) this year.

How long have you been biking?

Always a hard question to answer. Technically, I’ve always gotten around on two wheels. I’ve been mountain biking more seriously (like 3 times a week or more) for the past thirteen years. I’ve never had an off year or taken a year off from biking. I love it that bad.



Favorite type of trail

Lots of technical- give me rocks, give me roots, tight winding trees- and make it relentless. Sometimes I like fast, smooth and tighter trails, but I like the technical trails more.

Favorite ride

Four or five closely matched friends. A rooty, rocky 25 plus miles of trails. And endless daylight.

Worst ride

Probably when I was in college and got set up with a group of guys mountain biking for the week. I was painfully out of shape. I bonked. It sucked. I cried a little.

Worst crash

Actually I am going to go with the spill I had this summer. I went down really fast. You know how sometimes you have all day before you hit the ground? Well, not this time. I hit the ground, my bike, and a rock before I knew what really hit me. As I started to go over the handlebars my ribcage got caught first, my knee, elbow, and part of my face hit the rest of the bike followed by a rock. Ouch.

Worst bonk

My worst bonk is a long story. Check it out here.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done on a bike

Rode a friend’s off a dock once.

Favorite bike food

I mainly go with gu’s and energy bars while biking. After biking I love to have ice cream.

In three words describe why you love biking

Beating the boys.


What's your biking resume like? Why don't you answer the questions and send along your favorite snappy photo (or photos) of yourself biking to me? Here's my email: bettymountaingirl (at) gmail (dot) com. Don't worry if your not a crazy racer or you have only been biking for a few years- I think it would be fun to have a show and tell. Guys are welcome too!

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