Friday, October 23, 2009

This is Called a Freak Out

We had Misty, our lovely mixed breed-mainly-German-Short-Haired-Pointer for several months before we picked up on one of her favorite things to do. We'd take her for a long walk in the woods, she'd run around sniffing things and enjoying life, and then when we turned around to head back she'd go ape-sh%^ crazy running around in circles.

She go flying around, dodging in between trees, and dig at the dirt. She also lets out an occasional growl. Not to be mean, but she does it because she is excited. Since discovering that she has this little episode while walking we've deemed it "the freak out." As we head off in the car to a local trail, we'll ask her "wanna have a freak out?" Her answer is always, of course, yes.

This is what is sort of looks like:

She's Somewhere in here

She's somewhere in here.


Up- there she is.

Here she comes

Here she comes.

The Run Down

Freak out round one.

She's Somewhere in here

She's back in- hoping to scrounge up some birds.

Freak Out

Glimpse of Misty.

Freak Out

She might have found something here.

Freak out

Whew! It looks there is nothing in her mouth. I may decide to take her home after she rolls around in deer do-do, but I might have to draw the line with dead animals in her mouth.

One more round

Here she goes again

There's always time for one more round- according to Misty.


kate said...

my mum's dog (same as misty) caught and ate a whole rabbit recently-it was a bit grim to watch but i was more surprised that a lump of fur didn't come out the other end!!

Doug Brummett said...

Ewe, fur ball.

Freak out, yep most good dogs have that trick up their sleeve. Our pup gets a wild hair every few days and will spend 5min tear-assin around the back yard. I can only imagine the field day she would have in the great out doors if off leash.