Friday, October 23, 2009

Tea and Cake: Biking Resume

Thanks Kate for being the first bike resume into Betty Mountain Girl! Check out Kate's blog, Tea and Cake or her flickr stream here. Kate's always off partaking in crazy races, long rides, and, of course, eating cake. In fact, I think I spy a red velvet on a rock climbing trip here. Very nice!

So, you may be wondering- what is this biking resume thing? It's quite simple and I encourage you to send yours in. Check out this post for more details. Basically, just send in your resume to me via email (bettymountaingirl----gmail) with some pics, or links to pics, and I'll feature a handful of them right here.
From Tea & Cake

Ms. Tea & Cake Panda

Ms. Tea & Cake's Bike

Road, Mountain, Cross, or Everything

All bike are good but rigid single speed is best!

How long have you been biking?

As a 'grown up' I've been getting muddy for the past 3 years. Always had a bmx as kid then progressed to mtb. Then discovered booze and stuff and stopped all forms of activity for some time.


Yeh, but I certainly don't 'compete'. Just like the challenege

Favorite type of trail

Rocky, technical wilderness with big views and big grins

Favorite ride

With friends on a journey with at least one cafe stop but I also love the mid week night rides. short, speedy, singletrack affairs but again it's the friends that make it.

Worst ride

Worst crash

I'm probably not trying hard enough but I haven't really properly crashed since I was a kid-still have the scares to prove it!

Worst bonk

Luckily it came right at the end of a race and for the first (and last!) time I was waiting to get onto the podium. came over really faint and sickie, had to sit down despite the wet mud on the floor and then needed 'assistance' to get back up again

Craziest thing you’ve ever done on a bike an adult probably riding for 24 hrs in the middle of winter in the north of scotland. as a kid taking it in turns to bunny hop over each other. I was on the floor and my cousin didn't quiet make it, I then had a very painful hip for weeks!

Favorite bike food

Homemade cake/flapjacks and jelly babies

In three words describe why you love biking

freedom. outdoors. speed

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Red Bike said...

Yay, my cakes made it onto BMG blog. It almost looks good enough to eat doesn't it!