Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mountain Girl Decor

Hope you don't mind if we take a step inside today. I thought that I would show off some of my Mountain Girl Decor. I love going to thrift stores and yard sales and have many collections. Here is a favorite collection, my vintage outdoor field guides.

The Guides

It really strikes me as funny that the name of one of those guides is Fishes.

The Guides

Here are some more guides including Guide to Animal Tracks (this one is very cool, I need to post some pages from it) and several bird guides. I really need a good guide for trees maybe even just trees from the Northeast.

Oh yes, in case you are wondering those are plastic animals. Yes, plastic animals under a cake stand.

The Guides


KatieCake said...

I just love your plastic animal collection. :-)

I too used to collect plastic beasties - but mine were never displayed as wonderfully as yours. The cake jar idea is genius!

Richard said...

I like the rusted toy truck as a display item. I have a set of very old books (Gone with the Wind, Withering Heights, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on display with some Tibetan prayer beads perched on top of them). I'll have to start collecting Field Guides too. That's a excellent idea. I have an extensive collection of National Geographic maps.