Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still Soaking

I'm still soaking. It's not from the incredibly wet summer we had, but rather I am still soaking in this last little jaunt with warm weather. The temperature is, let's see... about 56 degrees (okay I didn't guess that. I got it off the local weather channel) and I am ready for another weekend hike.

Skipping Rocks

Last weekend we hiked about two local mountains for an easy four mile round trip hike. That's me in short sleeves---- in November! Misty also got to spend a lot of time off leash since the hiking season for all the tourists has ended. That is the really good thing about New Hampshire. If you don't mind severe weather and some rugged conditions, the hiking only gets better in the fall and winter.

Nuggets on Morgan Hike

Morgan Hike


Richard said...

Temps in the upper 60's down my way. I took a break from all the packing and cleaning for an urban assault mountain bike ride.

By the way, I like the pack on the dog. It has a very sporting look. Maybe I can talk my cat into wearing one. ... maybe not. :(

bettymountaingirl said...

Sounds like it is still pretty nice your way! We've managed to stretch the good weather into this week as well- so I've been pumped about that.

The pack also helps keep Misty close by when we are hiking. It's funny normally she runs all around like crazy, but throw a pack on her and she suddenly has a job to do and stays nearby (it's not heavy at all- sometimes we only have her water bowl in there)