Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why I’ve Gone Wooly

I’ve recently gone to the wooly side of things. If you haven’t noticed- more and more companies have been making wool outdoor clothing. So what’s with wool you ask? Let me start this wool series with why I’ve gone wool. Later this week I’ll feature some of the wool’s more technical characteristics.

My first wooly

I first started going wooly while I was working at an outdoor retailer about six years ago. My boss constantly touted how nice Smartwool socks felt and handed out free pairs left and right. Finally I was able to land a pair and I’ve gone back. They were perfect for someone with admittedly sweaty feet. Do you know how nice a fresh pair of socks feels midday? That’s how Smartwool socks feels all day long. Never mind the fact that they are wonderful at reducing blisters while hiking. (I also really like Darn Tough socks for winter hiking.)

Camping Socks

It lasts longer

I started adding more wool to my outdoor clothing wardrobe more recently. I started to get fed up with shirts that started to smell bad after only a few months of wear. I don’t want to fork over a lot of money for a shirt that has to be chucked after such a short bit of time. Many clothing manufacturer’s like Ibex, Icebreaker, and Smartwool have focused on doing wool apparel really well and it’s worth the spend.

So now you’ve learned several important things about me:

I like wool clothing.
I have smelly feet
Some of my shirts smell.


jumbly said...

I have those exact same smartwool socks. I love wool too! A merino baselayer is an unbeatable bit of kit.

Red Bike said...

A big thumbs up for Merino from me!