Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do Great Things This Winter

It's a nice idea isn't it? Do great things this winter sounds like a lot of fun. Only problem is- I sort of dislike winter. I think this mainly stems from not skiing while living in prime ski country. Sure I do my fair share of winter hiking, snowshoeing, and a little cross country skiing, but it's not really enough to keep me same.

So this winter I'm making plans to actually have more outdoor fun starting with these to-do's:

Hike a little 21 mile trail in one day

I actually already hiked this trail from beginning to end several years ago, but I cheated a little (I'm not telling where!). I've always felt a little guilty about claiming this feat to my records- so I'm planning a redo in January/February. It's much easier to hike the trail in the winter, because all the rocks are covered in snow allowing you to just slide down sections.

Hike up three mountains and then sled down them

The past few years Adam and I (and Misty!) have taken to hiking mountains with access roads and then sledding down them. It's wicked fun, but I think it's time we expanded our current list of haunts into newer mountains.

Enter a snowshoe race

I'm not sure why I've added this to my list since I don't really consider myself much of a runner, it just seems like fun.

Try biking in the snow

It's really ridiculous isn't it? I've never really mountain biked in the snow before. Once or twice I've tooled around someone's driveway, but never really spun through the woods on an actual trail in the winter.

What's your plans? How will you stay sane this winter?


Richard said...

I've always wanted to try snowshoeing, but we don't get much show down my way and I seriously doubt I can even get snowshoes locally. Cross-country skiing also sounds like a blast.

I typically spend my winter months on the trainer, riding when I can, or going on walks in town. I suppose I could hike the local mountain bike trails if I wanted.

kate said...

what a brilliant idea! look forward to the sliding down photos.

i actually love winter but we don't get a proper winter where i live. i'd love to have proper snow, rather than months of cold rain and mud.

trio said...

I'm hoping to get a couple of snow rides in again. But winter is less fun at the moment as I can't afford a week in the proper snow. Most of the time life goes on as normal just with lights!

Red Bike said...

It's given out snow here this weekend.

I suspect we'll just get lots of rain and salt all over the roads but no snow.

Fingers crossed though.

Tiff :o) said...

I just found your blog and I'm loving it. I have 4 dogs and in the past couple of years, I've started doing more with my dogs, mostly just biking. You have some great information on here. I look forawrd to coming back and reading more.

Tiff :o)

bettymountaingirl said...

Great winter suggestions everyone! Rich- I need to get on my bike trainer more! That thing haunts me with its presence- saying "you spent so much on me but you hardly ever use me.."

Thanks for joining in Tiff! I love hearing any dog stories BTW!