Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Dog's List

The dog is insisting on the following from Santa. I've had to put my foot down against the Doggles though.

Some tasty, meaty treats from the Urban General.

If you haven't stumbled across doggles yet than you're in for a freaky surprise. Yes, it stands for dog plus goggles-- equaling doggles. I think they're pretty funny, but Misty won't ever be wearing them (okay maybe just for some hilarious photos, but that's it!)

Some other items I spotted on Misty's X-mas list:

  • A dog tag with her phone number on it from here
  • A pair of boots for above treeline summits this winter from here
  • A fresh dog bed from Walmart (she stinks those up fast!)
  • Need some more dog ideas? Try Phetched a wonderful dog blog.

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