Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Santa

Photo from JoeyLu

Dear Santa:

Remember that pink bike I was eyeballing a few months ago? No problem because I've included a picture of it here (see above).

I found this beautiful vintage bike- touched up with all this great pink fabulousness. I mentioned to someone who says that they know you and they said they would get word to you. I would really, really like a vintage blue (or silver!) bike with pink wheels and tires and pink tape around the handlebars.

I'm just a little worried since I haven't seen your, um, little helper working on a bike these past few months and, well, Christmas is right around the corner. If this may have slipped your mind- no worries! You could always, say, start working on such a bike and get it to me for Valentine's Day.

Just sayin.

I hope that the pay-back I dished out for being toilet papered camping this summer isn't influencing your decision this year. Or that the extra canned good that I snuck into Misty's backpack on my last hike hasn't made you think twice about that pink bike.

Anyway looking forward to X-mas and a few days off,



Red Bike said...

It's taken a while but I'm finally starting to get on with my fixie now that my commute doesn't involve any BIG downhills (up hills are no problem). Big 32mm tyre so that I can remain seated through pot-holes have also helped a lot. (I can't pedal at 120+rpm while stood up!).

Saying that, thanks to the fixie I nearly crashed into Santa last week. He was on the back of a lorry in his sleigh (no reindeer). He threw me some sweets to me as I rode along behind. As I tried to catch the sweets I forgot to keep pedalling. The bike firmly reminded me to keep pedalling just as both my hands were in the air trying to catch the sweets.

bettymountaingirl said...

Ahhhhh! Red Bike- what a run in you almost had with Santa! His Christmasy charm (and candy!) can be quite distracting ;)

I do really wish I had an extra winter bike on hand though. All the salt that they dump on the roads here makes me hesitate to take my bikes out on it.