Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fresh Covering

This is her fav

We've been so busy lately. Busy with boring things that really don't matter. Such as typing endless reports and papers. Driving to and from the city. And being generally silly with boring real-life stuff.

I was happy when I looked out the window and found this fresh covering. We've had snow in the mountains for weeks, but this is the first snow for us sub-mountain dwellers.

This is her fav

Snow is Misty's absolutely most favorite thing. She's from Tennessee originally, so it is kind of weird that she likes this white stuff. Yes, she wears a jacket when it is down right frigid. I've had several dogs before, but none shiver as badly as she does when the weather hits the teens. Plus, she loves to hike above treeline in the winter.

This is her fav


Red Bike said...

I want to play in the snow too!

(But only until I get cold feet, then i'm coming in.)

bettymountaingirl said...

He he;) don't blame you on the cold feet ! Snowed again today- and this dog couldn't be happier!