Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pre Nor'Easter

Just before this weekend's Nor'easter creeped in, we snuck out for a quick three mile hike in the woods.

The Storm is A'brewin

Between blasts of small snow squalls we managed to see a giant woodpecker--- technically the Pileated Woodpecker. I've heard about these giant birds, but I've never come across one. I didn't manage a photo of it but I'll tell you what-- they do not look like they belong in New England. The bright red head, paired with the white belly and jet black back really make this bird look more tropical-- especially since we spotted it during the bland winter months.


I'm not sure that these holes in the tree don't belong to the woodpecker, but I thought they went with the sighting pretty well.

Quarry Misty Tested the Ice on

Misty decided to test the ice by going out on this quarry. Not the best of ideas, but luckily she didn't fall through.

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