Saturday, January 2, 2010

Betty Mountain Girl --- The year 2009 in review


We had an extremely wet spring and summer. Torrential rains for weeks on end-- making things very muddy to say the least.

Muddy Again from Mountain Biking

I love biking

View from Above

Misty and Bike

Misty started to mountain bike with me. She fell in a swamp.

Fourth of July Mountain Biking

I wrote about being tired.

Riding Under Tall Pines

Mountain Bike Panda

I tried to take a Panda photo. It's harder than it looks.


Bicycle Touring

Entering Acadia National Park

I rode my bike with five other friends to Bar Harbor Maine. It took almost a week.

Bike Tripping

Ortlieb Panniers On the Road

I enjoyed many Pringles on the trip. I like Pringles.

Wet Tents in Acadia

The Line

It rained a lot.

Campfire Pizza Making

Drying Out

I learned how to make Campfire Pizzas on that trip. And then I made them again.


More camp cooking

Fruit Cobbler

I tried to make a fruit cobbler on my Jetboil stove. I burnt the crap out of it.

Campfire Cakes

We tried to make Campfire cakes. That didn't work out so well either.


Backpacking- Hiking - Camping- Kayaking

Toliet Papered in the Wilderness

Our Tent in the Whites

Looking Up

My feet in the Pemi

We went backpacking with some friends. We're in bear country and my friend took the time out to toliet paper our tent. Too much fun for just a few days.

Crossing the Pemi

Betty Jumping

We hiked a lot. Jumped around a lot.

One Girl's Ride

We paddled.

Paddle on the water

Looking back-- this past year was a lot of fun. Adam-yak, Nuggets and I are dreaming up an even bigger year for 2010. Can't wait! Thanks for reading everyone. It wouldn't have been nearly as fun without you all along for the ride!


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