Monday, April 26, 2010

Finding the Right Triathlon

I've been contemplating entering a triathlon for years, but haven't quite found the right one. Often I'll hear about a triathlon the weekend before the actual event and I'll either not be in good enough shape for the run or for the swim portions. I've seen quite the hype about Iron Girl Triathlons, which looks like a lot of fun, but sell out quickly and are in very few locations.

Also, for me- the right triathlon needs to be more mountain. Mountain bike, trail running, type of a thing. This year I think it is going to be the Tully Lake Triathlon in Northern Massachusetts. The event features a 5 mile canoe or kayak paddle (score 1!), 7.5 mile mountain bike ride (score 2!), and 4.5 mile trailish run (score 3!). Looks like my kind of event.

If you know of any other similar events in the Northeast please let me know.

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