Monday, April 19, 2010

The Year of Misty

I'm excited to say that this may be the year of Misty. We've been trucking her around with us everywhere. She's enjoyed the glory of parking lots empty of cars, fields with no baseball players, and woods without another person in sight.

Scouting Around

She has also given up her many mini-bad-behaviors. Things like chewing the seat buckles off when you leave her in the car. That one will stop you from bringing your dog along.

I think she has finally realized that just because you see an old man in the woods and he probably smells fabulous and is super nice-- you shouldn't jump all over him. This is a dog who doesn't even jump on me when I come home, but she finds old men irresistible. What the heck?

Scouting Around

Lastly, I'm not sure if this is a warning breed, but there have been very few squirrels and chipmunks around lately. Thus, Misty has been around a lot more lately. Small furry critters are her true passion in life.

So, you see, this very well maybe the year of Misty. The year she explores new forests, swims in new rivers (ha! doubt that), and camps in between new trees. Yes, this should be a good one.

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