Monday, May 3, 2010

Bug Season

Right after my little brother's favorite season- mud season- it becomes my least favorite season- bug season. We are starting to head into peak bug season now and I thought I would hit on some of my current bug solutions.
  • Bug spray with deet- I am petrified of it, the deet that is, but at the same time I am sort of petrified of getting Lyme disease too so most days the deet wins that contest. But really, I try to spray it only on clothing and I try to only use it when I think I'll really need it.
  • Cover up- if the weather allows it- I will just put on long sleeves and long pants. On my cycling trip last year the only long pants I brought were rain pants- so I wore rain pants while cooking dinner to keep the bugs away.
  • For Misty- while I have heard you can safely use Skin So Soft on your dog to keep the bugs off them, I find it messy and smelly. Instead I find that a really good flea and tick repellent like Advantage works the best.
  • Ride fast- no lie sometimes this is my only solution. It's sort of a pace yourself thing. You need to ride just fast enough to stay ahead of the swarm and just slow enough that you can keep the pace up the entire ride.
  • Avoid riding with groups- ha! It's true though. Don't you hate getting eaten alive waiting for the last rider to show up at the trail junction? For the love.
  • Head nets- In really heavy season I've worn a head net. Not the kind your lunch lady wears, more like these Bug Out Headnets

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