Monday, May 3, 2010

Vibram Five Fingers Product Review Preview

Yup that's right- I've got me a pair them Vibram Fivefingers. I'll be reviewing the Five fingers this week and will pass along the skinny to you. For now- the try on:

Silver is the New Pink

Bare feet (PS silver is the new pink)

Toes first- easier said than done

You put on the Fivefingers by putting your toes in first. This is much easier said than done- especially the first few times. For some reason, you don't have as much fine motor control over each individual toe as you do, say your fingers. So after a minute or two of me laughing and thinking- middle toe why won't you go over to the left- I got the little buggers on.

Whew they're on

So there you have 'em- the Vibram Fivefingers try-on...and a piece of fuzz on my carpet...and my dog's foot, because what's a try-on sess without your dog sniffing things out?

Complete review to come. I'll try them out with a couple of different sports/activities and let you know. Pray for my knees. Pray for my knees.

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