Monday, May 3, 2010

Terry Pro Deal

If you haven't signed up for Terry's Pro Deal Monday email, you are missing some great deals. Every Monday they send out an email with a few hand picked items at half price. They're not just trying to unload unwanted merchandise either- these are sweet products.

Take for instance one of this Monday's Pro Deal items- the Damselfly saddle. I just purchased this last year and reviewed it here. It's a killer saddle for performance mountain biking. I really needed something that allowed me to get far back on descents and this saddle answered the call.

Not to mention the cute skorts on sale this week.

I really like Terry's cycling gear. If you haven't tried their stuff yet, here are a few things they do really well:
  • Gear specifically designed for women. Lots of companies claim to do this, but Terry is the real deal. It's all they do. You won't get any weirdly long sleeves or straps, because they really find and make some of the best cycling gear for women.
  • Saddles- their saddles are heaven. If you are a picky bike seat person, you must try one of their saddles.
  • Padded bike shorts- I've tried many different bike shorts and I really love Terry's. Hits in all the right places if you know what I mean.
  • Enough yet? You already love them? Nice!

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