Friday, September 10, 2010

Favorite Things From the Summer

Some of my favorite things this summer:

  • Homemade salsa
  • Night Hikes Galore- I never night hiked in the summer because it stays light so late...But due to some extra long hours and the weaning hours of light in August, we've swung back to night hiking.
  • Long bike rides- No longer avoiding the hills! We moved to a very hilly area- so there is just no avoiding them now. My legs have been thanking me.
  • Camp Chef- I am literally drooling over their goodies. While there style camping isn't my typical style- I still wouldn't mind scoring some of those cast iron skillets for some deep dish pizzas- yum!
  • Outdoor Showers- This is a must when I own a home. Maybe I'll use real plumbing though...
  • My Tikka- Sure I've technically had it forever, but lately it has been me, the Tikka, and Misty vs. The Skunk. Stinky little jerk has made home in our backyard. It's a constant war. Adam has decided to be the good farmer boy that he is and relocate it with a have a heart trap. This should be fun. Updates soon.

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