Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Biking Clothes

Here is my current fall cycling layers:

Fall Riding

It has been juuuusst the right amount of layers for the past several weeks of riding. I've got on my Terry ColdWeather Riding Tights. These tights are very toasty and sometimes a little too warm for temps in the 40's.

On top I wear a hoody from Horny Toad. I don't know why I started wearing a hoody cycling, but the hood is so large that I can pull it up and over my helmet when it is super cold.

Under that I have an extra long yellow riding shirt from LL Bean. I love having on longer shirts when riding or hiking to prevent backpack/ camelbak ride up.

Fall Riding

So that's how I keep toasty when riding. I'll have to show you the gloves, ear warmers, and socks next week. Those can be the trickiest areas to keep warm too!

Fall Riding

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