Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Osprey Women's Aura 50 Backpack Review: Initial Thoughts

I hemmed and I hawed for weeks before buying the Osprey Aura 50 backpack. I've admired Osprey's backpacks for years for the high quality and thoughtful design features, but just never got around to trying one out. I finally took a jump off the deep end this summer and purchased the Aura 50 for day hiking, weekend backpacking, and light traveling. Here are my thoughts so far:

Osprey Women's Aura Backpack

Osprey Aura 50 Backpack: Size and Dimensions

So far I've done an easy backpack weekend and several day hikes with the Aura. I've found the actual pack size (what I can stuff in) to be just right for me. For years I've been a bit of a Goldilocks with my backpacks. I've got some that are just too big for weekend trips and some that are just too small for day hikes (I know really?!).

Osprey makes the Aura backpack in several sizes: 65, 50, and 35. I just the Aura in a 50 because I needed that "in between" backpack size. I tend to be a very light packer for weekend backpacks.

Dead Forest Hike

Osprey Aura 50 Backpack: Fit

Most of my outdoor jaunts with the Aura backpack have been on the shorter size (think under 8 miles per trip), so I'm not 100% sure of how the fit would be on a longer trip or with a heavier pack. Since the weather has now turned much colder in New England I plan to try the backpack out on a few colder (thus heavier backpack) trips. More to come! I'll be reviewing more specifics about the fit, compartments, and comfort on both longer day hikes and weekend backpack trips. Subscribe to my blog (see left hand bar) to catch all the details.

Osprey Women's Aura Backpack

Technical Info from Osprey:

  • LightWire Allowy Frame
  • Breathable mesh
  • Side vents
  • Medium features roughly 3000 cubic inches of space
  • In: 25.5 x 14.5 x 11.75
  • Cm: 64.7 x 36.8 x 29.8
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Christine said...

Thank You for this post! I have been looking for some cold weather riding gear lately and the choices are many with few reviews. Last winter I think I ended up wearing fleece PJ bottoms over my riding shorts-ha! The Osprey looks awesome too - I just bought a new backpack in Sept. but my problem was that (since I am a college student), I needed one that I could use for books/laptop during the week and hikes on the weekend. I ended up with the Northface Angstrom 30 in a hideous prison suit orange color - but it works great for the dual purpose of being a student/hiker. Can't wait to read your review about socks and gloves!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Thanks for the nice comment Christine! You're right this backpack probably would have been a bit big for your dual purposes- I think a 30-35 backpack (going off of the Osprey 35 pack) is a much better size :)

Yes- socks and gloves to come! There is seriously nothing better than keeping your hands and feet warm :)